Michelle Wallach Design offers individualized design solutions for environmental
modifications/renovations or new construction. The ultimate goal is to
enhance abilities, increase safety and improve overall quality of life
by changing the environment in which a person lives. Michelle Wallach
Design can offer solutions for:

  • Accessible Bathroom Design
  • Accessible Kitchen Design
  • Ramp Design
  • Wheelchair lifts / Elevators / Stairlifts
  • Transfer Devices / Ceiling lifts
  • Universal Design
  • Aging-In-Place Solutions
  • Improving Safety for Older Adults
  • Bedroom Design
  • Living / Dining Room Design
  • Accessible Nursery Design

Services include:

  • Comprehensive Functional OT Evaluation
  • Environmental Assessment
  • Detailed scale drawings for demolition, construction plans and elevations
  • Trials and recommendations for specialized equipment and products
    (with justification letters to insurance companies for the equipment)
  • Visits during construction
  • Patient and family training

I will work closely with your architect and/or contractor(s) throughout
the entire process. Michelle Wallach Design can tailor services accordingly
depending on your individual needs. Please contact me to learn more about available services. Michelle Wallach Design is able to assist you whether your need is for full design services or solely for consultation.